Vermont Watercolor Fall Juried Show Acceptances

Juror Jeannie Maguire has selected thirty paintings for the Fall Exhibition. Congratulations to everyone!

Amanda Amend - “Upper Church Street

Lisa Forster Beach - “Coastal Memories

Annelein Beukenkamp - “Solitude

Joey Bibeau - '“Touch of Autumn

Mary Alice Brenner - “Red Barn of Northeast Kingdom

Jean Cannon - “Bellows Falls Canal in Winter

Claudia Carl Montreal - “Street Scene

Donna Cary - “River's Bend “

Tony Conner - “Snow Hills In January

Lynn Cummings - “Impending Storm, North Shore”

Judy Detzel -”Brambles

John Dimick - “Red Boat on the Burning River

Joann DiNicola - “Rooster Bowl With Pears

Janet Dowling - “Just Picked”

Gary Eckhart - “November

Ric Feeney - “Vermont Falls”

Jeanette Fournier - “Dressed For Success”

Kathaleen Giurtino - “Garden Daze “

Cheryl Johnson - “Fairbanks Morse Diesel”

Ruth Kaldor - Winter Light”

Martin LaLonde - “Basking”

Charles Norris-Brown - “Thunder Head”

Barbara Pafume - “Splash of Sun”

Sandra Pealer - “Garlic Harvest”

Tom Rand - “Opening”

Susan Bull-Riley - “On the Long Trail to Sterling Pond”

Jane Sandberg - “Mother Daughter Love”

Judith Selin - “Insider the Courtyard”

Diane Szlachetka - “Cafe Muse

Lauren Wooden - “Hillside Farm

Signature Members Featured in Art Show at the Emile A Gruppe Gallery

Three signature members of VWS  are participating  in a show  at the Emile A Gruppe Gallery  in  Jericho: Adrienne, Fisher Monique Dewyea, and Susan Bull Riley.

The prelude to Spring in Vermont, known as Mud Season,  is welcomed as a harbinger of warming  days and cool nights and the setting up of the maple economy,  It is also a tease as to what is  coming, flowering plants, lots of color, bird songs and warmth.  The current show at the Emile A Gruppe Gallery in Jericho titled Beyond Mud Season, offers a jump start on your enjoyment of the upcoming seasons and also offers the opportunity to enjoy these works in your own space.  Watercolors by Monique Dewyea, Textile Marbling by Linda and Dean Moran, photography by Luci Wilcox, watercolors by Jericho's Adrienne Fisher and Montpelier artist Susan Bull Riley, "painterly" digital photographic images by Roarke Sharlow.


An opportunity to meet the artists was held on Sunday, March 31.

Visit the Emile A Gruppe Gallery

22 Barber Farm Road in Jericho, VT   

Phone: (802) 899-3211

The show will hang through Open Studio weekend, May 25 and 26.

NAMES TO FACES: Meet Charles Norris-Brown

Hi. Charles here.

Signature member since I am not sure when and past VWS Board member.

Much of what I have shown at VWS or elsewhere has been either figure studies or themes related to my children's books.

Attached is an example of the figure focus ("Seated Figure Study"). But in the past year or so, I have enjoyed working with a local group of plein air painters, as can be seen in the attached image "Below the Falls," and I have really enjoyed this more "landscapy" focus right from the source.

But thanks to my children's book focus, much of what I have done has had a "story-telling" bent to it, and I have been frustrated with my work being called "just" illustration, or "just" influenced by illustration. For similar reasons, my work has not fit into the genre that permeates the watercolor "societies of awards." But although I know that this pressure does help improve technique, it diverts me personally from my own central question whether book related or watercolor in general: what is my subject matter? How do I stay true to that and not a standard set by others? We all wrestle the same demons, and in the end, once you display your art, it is no longer in your hands but becomes subject to the whims of the viewers and the seemingly random criteria of "art critics" and a market. So, is it really "just" this or "just" that? For any of us, "just" some genre someone else defines for us?

Charles Norris-Brown

Charles Norris-Brown

Charles Norris-Brown, “Seated Figure Study”

Charles Norris-Brown, “Seated Figure Study”

Charles Norris-Brown, “Below the “Falls

Charles Norris-Brown, “Below the “Falls


I do not have a lot of institutionalized art study in my past. My background is anthropology. But even there, my focus has been on inter-disciplinary thinking and I have consciously sought out the margins, looked beyond borders, followed new paradigms. And so, in trying to be true to myself, I drove buses and honed what I hope could be a path for my golden years. 

Maybe wisdom has finally populated those years. I see my art as an expression of the merger of several strands in my life. Its outlet is writing and illustrating children's books. The challenge is the technique. Frustration is nothing unusual with watercolors. We are all up against the obstinacy of the medium. Some handle this better than others. I tend to get frustrated with the drying shift, and have yet to master the texturization that adds interest to what are otherwise bland washes. But watercolor is still my love and, along with her unforgiving brother ink, my challenge. "Success" for me in art is that joy you feel when brush or pen touched paper and it reproduced something that you held deep in your heart.

Artist Workshop with Andy Evanson is SOLD OUT!

We are pleased to announce that the upcoming Spring Member Workshop with Andy Evanson is SOLD OUT!


June 10th - 13th, 2019 at the Landgrove Inn, Landgrove VT.


$500 VWS members/$550 non-members

More Information

To learn more about Andy and see samples of his work, go to

For more information or questions about the workshop, contact Joey at or call 802-879-3965

Artwork by A Evanson

Artwork by A Evanson