All VWS Members are entitled to a single page member gallery. A Members gallery page is meant to be a brief introduction of the Member artist and their work. It is also designed to make it easy for the public to contact the artist.

Member Artist Page Information

To be as effective as possible the following information should be included on the Member Gallery page:



Email Address

Physical Address (if you wish and if you have a gallery location for the public to visit)

Short Bio/Artists Statement - limited to 100 words


The gallery can include images of up to 5 paintings. The images MUST be 2000 pixels wide on the longest dimension at 72dpi in jpg format. Click the button at right for more information on creating high quality digital images.

Image Naming Convention

In order to make it easy to organize and upload images for each member use the following naming convention:

1(Image #1-5_Title(use underscores __ to separate words_(Inital of First Name)_(Last Name).

For example 1_Snow_Fields_In_January_T_Conner.jpg

Image titles will be specified on the on the Member Page submission form.

Image Submission

Images will be submitted by loading them into a specified location on the VWS Dropbox. Once the VWS Webmaster has received your submitted form they will contact you with directions on submitting your image files on Dropbox.

Member Directory

The Website will include a directory page with the name of each member who has a gallery page. This listing will include a thumbnail image of one painting. When naming your images, the directory listing thumbnail will be Image1. If you have a particular image you would like displayed on the Directory page, make sure it is named Image1.

New Member Gallery Page Request Form

Fill out and submit the form below. BE SURE TO INDICATE IF THIS IS A REQUEST FOR A NEW PAGE OR CHANGES TO AN EXISTING PAGE. If you are changing an existing page, fill out only the section(s) that will be changed. If you are submitting new images, list the titles of the new images.

Your information will be sent to the VWS Webmaster who will contact you with information about uploading your images.

Name *
Request *
Are you requesting a new page or changes to an existing page?
URL for your personal artist website
Include an address only if you have a physical location where you exhibit your work - like a gallery in your home or in your studio.
Brief Bio/Artist Statement/Resume - limit 250 words
Remember that this image will be displayed as a thumbnail on the Member Gallery Directory Page