Forms and Guides


Digital Imaging

Learn how you can create high-quality digital images.

Art Labels

Use these labels to mark your work for juried exhibitions.


Framing Guidelines

Read about the guidelines for framing your work.

Submission Guidelines

Learn how to enter your work into a juried member exhibition.


DVD Lending Library

VWS has created a lending library for members. Videos may be previewed on Creative Catalyst.

Available titles include:   

  • Jeanne Dobie: Making Color Sing

  • Iain Stewart: From Photos to Fantastic; Painting Watercolor Landscapes

  • Charles Reid: Watercolor Landscape Masterclass  

  • Anne Abgott: Watercolor Techniques for Daring Color

  • Sue Archer: Commanding Color

  • Linda Baker: Fearless Watercolor; Layering & Color

  • Chen-Kee Chee: Saturated Wet Technique

  • Tony Couch: Painting Barns in Watercolor

  • Carl Dalio: On Color Power: The Path to Visualizing Energetic Color

  • Pat Dews: Designing Great Starts with Texture and Form

  • Jean Haines: Amazing Ways with Watercolour

  • George James: Designing for Content, Yupo Master

  • Polly Hammett: Design with the Figure

  • Linda Kemp: Negative Painting Techniques

  • Mark Mehaffey: Painting a Dramatic Landscape in Watercolor

  • Birgit O'Connor: Waves, Water and Clouds

  • Ann Pember: Painting in the Flow of Watercolor On High Plate Illustration Board

  • Charles Reid: Watercolor with the Master 10-Lesson Course

  • John Salminen: A Designed Approach To Abstraction

  • Shirley Trevena: My World of Watercolour

  • Soon Y Warren: Vibrant Watercolor Techniques: Water

  • Guan Weixing: Watercolor Demonstration: 2 disc set; Portrait of a young Farmer and Elderly Woman

  • Sharon Lynn Will: Watercolour On Location

  • Mary Whyte: Mastering Watercolor Portraiture

  • Frank Webb: Using Your Head, Heart & Hand

  • Donna Zagotta: The You Factor: Powerful Personal Design in Opaque Watercolor

If you are interested in viewing a DVD, email Marcel Etienne. He will mail the video with a return address label to use with an envelope (open carefully so the envelope may be re-used). The DVD should be enjoyed and returned after 2 weeks. Suggestions for additional videos to purchase may be sent to Marcel. Donations for this program are always welcome!